dimecres, 26 de maig de 2010


Aquesta tarda els alumnes de 3r de primària hem representat l'obra en llengua estrangera Puss in boots! Ha estat un treball molt interessant i enriquidor. Aquí teniu una petita mostra de diferents escenes de la representació.

dijous, 15 d’abril de 2010



Last Tuesday we had a tale teller at school. It was great!

There were two shows: one for the P-5 children and one for the 1st grade children. It was not a simple telling of the story, but a dramatization with the children participating by playing some games, saying the names of the animals, the colours, and counting eggs. They were also singing all together. It was fantastic to see the faces of the children during the show and after it. They were saying they liked it a lot. The story was Ugly Duckling and we are looking forward to having the end of this activity with a theatre workshop on the 6th May